QK365.COM was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is a professional public rental housing provider in China. The company extensively uses advanced Internet and Internet of Things technologies to create a mature operation mode and realize the one-stop service of online “housing trust+ fashion decoration + post-rental service”.

bet36 无法登陆 解决Since the establishment of the company, QingKe Apartment has always adhered to the management model of “taking the quality of housing as the core and taking the tenant experience as the principle”, providing a safe, comfortable and economical living environment for people’s living; but also uses marketing means to regulate rental housing market, suppressing the phenomenon of group oriental leasing and achieving multi-win.




  • OCT2012

    QingKe Apartment received
    an angel investment
    from Newsion Venture Capital.

  • DEC2013

    It won the investment in the
    A round of Fortune Venture Capital.

  • JUN2014

    QingKe Apartment
    entered smoothly
    into the mobile Internet.

  • MAY2015

    It received a 180-million-yuan
    ($27.1 million) B-round financing
    from SAIF Parnters Asia, Newsion
    Venture Capital and others.

  • DEC2016

    QingKe Apartment (QK365.COM)
    won the “2016 China Real Estate
    Billboard Annual Economic Company”.

  • FEB2017

    it managed nearly 60,000 homes
    and provided rental services for
    more than 170,000 young people.

  • APR2018

    QingKe Apartment announced the completion
    of the C-round equity financing of the private equity fund managed
    by Morgan Stanley and Crescent Point Capital Co., Ltd., which focuses
    on the investment in the consumer sector.